medways journey description

Travel by car

  • Arriving from the city center of jena via main highway B88/Stadtrodaer Straße in the direction of Göschwitz / Lobeda / Winzerla / Burgau / Burgaupark / Jena Göschwitz
  • leave the motorway at the exit Winzerla/Burgau/Sparkassenarena and follow the street about 700m
  • you arrive at a large traffic light crossing > turn right here and follow the street: On the right side you can see the parking area of the "Burgaupark Center"
  • You do not enter the parking area on the right side: Opposite the entrance of the parking area there is an inconspicuous industrial park entrance on the left, so you turn left and enter this courtyard entrance (f. e. Dröschler Werkzeuge)
  • Please follow this courtyard until you stand right in front of a yellow house - which is the head office of medways e. V.
  • parking spaces directly in front of the building

  • Travel by public transports

  • Tram lines 1, 3, 4 and 5 to the station "Burgaupark"
  • Please cross the large traffic light crossing in the direction of the "Burgaupark Center" (the petrol station is behind you) and then cross the next traffic light to the left (the "Burgaupark Center" is now behind you).
  • Follow this direction on a field path with a fence on its right side for approx. 50 m.
  • After 50 m there is a fence gate with a yellow house in the background - please enter the gate.
  • The entrance is at the backside of the building, so please walk around the house.

  • How to find us