Medical Technology Association
and Biotechnology.

Members of the
Board of Executive Directors:

Prof. Jens Haueisen
Prof. Manfred Dick
Prof. Ingrid Hilger
Mr. Thomas Köhler
Mrs. Katrin Uschmann

medways -
industry association medical technology / biotechnology

Members of medways e. V. are globally active small and
medium-sized enterprises, research institutes and
universities, which are developing innovative products
and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of
age-correlated diseases for diverse fields of
application in medicine.
The objectives of our projects are to find the optimal
diagnosis and treatment for the patient and to provide efficient treatment methods for the doctor.

For more than 15 years the medways employees have been your competent contact partners for research projects, the approval of medical devices, the introduction of quality management systems according to ISP 13485 and the training of your staff.

medways supports you in the following fields:
  • medways Service Center
  • The Service Center includes our support in the development and launch of your medical device with consulting services on approval and certification. In our second main Service Center field we organize and serve shared booths on leading trade fairs. And last, but not least, our objective of our daily work is to focus on the needs and interests of the medical technology and biotechnology branch and to represent those interests in the political commitees.
  • medways Research Center
  • Research and development - a recipe for success. We have specialized in project management and controlling of publicly funded collaborative research projects and we support your projcets in:
  • Acquisition of project partners
  • Reporting
  • Project management
  • Public Relations

  • medways Academy
  • Existential know-how for your economic success: discipline-specific workshops, trainings and inhouse trainings for your staff.

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